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1 Yellow Brick Road
Liberal, KS 67901

Dorothy's House & Land of Oz

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday 1 p.m.-5 p.m. Closed Mondays 


567 Cedar Street
Liberal, KS 67901

Phone: (620) 624-7624

Be part of the story as a Dorothy tour guide (or Auntie Em if Dorothy is unavailable) takes you on a tour of her house, a farmhouse built in 1907 which has been carefully restored and furnished to reproduce the warmth of the farmhouse from the movie. See the type of furnishings and utensils Auntie Em would have used and toys Dorothy would have played with as a little girl.

Then, skip down the yellow brick path to the Land of Oz, a 5,000 square foot display of scenes from the movie. Start in Kansas where Professor Marvel has his wagon and Mrs. Gulch rides her bicycle and then turn a corner into the magical land of Oz where the munchkins sing and dance and Glynda appears as if by magic. Journey down the yellow brick road through the cornfield and the haunted forest, by the witch's castle, all the way to the Wizard.

At the end of the tour, view Oz memorabilia including the original model of Dorothy's House used in the tornado scene of the 1939 movie. The munchkin room is a delight with little dresses and shoes with many pictorial accounts of the munchkins and their careers.
A bronze statue of Dorothy and Toto graces the grounds. Visitors can push a button to hear Judy Garland sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" or "Follow the Yellow Brick Road." A wall behind the statue memorializes the names of the many young ladies who have worked as Dorothy tour guides over the years.


Adults (19+) $7
Seniors (65+) $5.50
6-18 $4.50
5 & Under Free

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